The Weekend

So... how did it happen that I've had the most awesome weekend in about 500 years, but the only picture I have is of the frog I ate? How will I remember this!

I'll make a note to my future self:

- 1200yen nomihoudai in Nakano, quick visit to Bull's, some interesting mails.
- 80's bar, finding the best place in town: Nakano Café, meeting interesting people.
- Nakano sun plaza and Broadway, Nakano Café again, Bar Place (but what kind of name is that hah) in Takadanobaba, izakaya in Koenji, and Omi.
And today I've started to play Jubeat and wonder why I haven't done that before. (Seriously.)

Oh wait today isn't even over yet!
This weekend was so awesome I think I need to take a power nap now.

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