Bought 闇金ワシジマ君 (roughly translated to "Loan shark Ushijima") that I hadn't read before, I liked the artwork and thought it looked interesting. Turned out to be pretty good! But... very realistic and dark and heavy and it made me believe that there really is no hope for humanity and what a horrible, horrible world we live in oh god.
Quick, on with some My Little Pony FiM before I lose myself to the dark!!



Wait, hang on just a second; I was out clubbing, wearing... glasses?
Yes, unfortunately, on friday I fell asleep wearing my contacts so that the next day my left eye was all red, and me (also being all paranoid about going blind) had to go without contacts.
It's just that I hate wearing my glasses.
I cannot feel pretty in them! Doesn't matter what I do, I only become super self aware and feel ugly.
Of course I know why, since I got contacts in junior high I've only worn glasses when I'm at home or feel sick or with no make up and so on, resulting with my brain thinking that glasses = fugly. I don't hate glasses in general, on the contrary I always think other people look really great in glasses, but when it comes to me, it's just a no go. I don't want to think like that, but it's hard to break a habit...
Ugh, come on now left eye, recover soon so I can put in those plastic bits in my eyes again!
Strike that pose to forget about glasses


 Yesterday I got to use my member's card I created over one year ago; I went to Starfire, a para para club in Ginza. Yes, para para once again! Been over a year since I last went, and well... I've somehow managed to make some friends in the community so it's not boring to go, but I don't dance and the music is too loud for talking, so yea.
Last time I was in Ginza was when I went to the kabuki theatre, so that's a pretty big contrast haha.


Jubeat knit

I'm not sure why, but Jubeat is just the perfect arcade game for me! It's so much fun and I never tire of it. Well I've only been playing for a couple of weeks or so, but...
It feels suited for me; I already play at extreme! (I also cleared Albida on the first try! /brag) But this is my favorite tune:

Sadly, the person in this video is not me (I've never got a full combo orz) but this is how many 100yen coins and afternoons has been spent.

In other news, today there was a cockroach in my classrom, a typhoon seems to be on its way, and tomorrow I'm going to Hachiouji.
See ya☆



These shoes I bought in Sweden last summer are the most comfortable ones I've ever put my feet in! I walked them to death (death of the shoes, not me) last year, but now when it's warm I want to use them more more more, so the other day I went to the shoemaker nearby to repair the heels. Turns out that he, 20 or so years ago, lived in Finland for a year and used to go to Sweden a lot!

Today when I came to get my shoes we continued our talk, mostly about classical music and Swedish violinists. Then he gave me a discount on the shoes, and made me promise to let him repair all of my future worn out heels!

And when I made my way home, a man at one of the small local resturants just randomly happily greeted me, and all this on top of earlier karaoke, ice cream and current perfect weather, this afternoon was just made for a Perfect Mood!☆

I'll pass on the earthquake, thanks...

Today we went with school to the disaster prevention center in Ikebukuro again, it's mandatory once a year. Watched a short disaster movie, and got to practive how to escape a fire, how to handle a fire extinguisher, and how to protect oneself during an earthquake. Although this time, I passed on the earthquake simulation room. I got pretty shaked up last year I did it even though it was a practice, and when I watched the other people dashing under the table, I noticed that the shock from the Great Tohoku Earthquake two months ago is actually still fresh in mind... So, thanks but no thanks.

Speaking of earthquakes, there's not as many larger tremors in Tokyo anymore which is nice, although it still occurs more often than before. But one thing I've noticed after all this, is that I should be very greatful if a M5 or higher doesn't hit in the middle of the night. Whenever a pretty big (M3~4 or so) strikes while I'm asleep, and I wake up because of my whole house and bed shaking, my reaction is pretty much like "Hmmm.... whaa....mmm.... zzzz." and then I fall sound asleep again. So if a big one hits Tokyo when I'm sleeping - I'm as good as dead!

To lighten up the mood, if anyone has ever wondered how to use a Japanese style toilet, have some instructions provided by the Ikebukuro disaster prevention center!
1. <- Front Back ->
2. Stand over the bowel
3. Put your pants down to ankle
4. Squat down over the bowel
5. Do it!
CAUTION!! If you lost balance you gonnna fall down on shit!



So Jaz is moving in with her boyfriend in Chiba, and Max is moving to a house provided by his job in Koenji, meaning the end of the Thunderdome and that I'm alone in lovely Shin-Nakano again...! That feels pretty sad, they lived just three minutes from my house, so now I can't pop in for some random chatting, gaming and nabe-party anymore. Sad.

In other news, there is no other news really, except my research and thinking about The Future and so on. But I think that I might come a tiny bit closer to something that looks almost like a desicion! So I'm gonna wonder and ponder some more, and see where it all leads me.

Also, Karaoke-kan, sometimes you're so random and gives us the strangest rooms, like a super sophisticated one suited for a party for 10 people or more!


Kyokutou Awesomeness

Went to a live today with my friend Martin! Feels like a long time ago. (Well, it was.)(Wait, when I think about it, it was super duper long ago!) Kyokutou Girl Friend had a live event, since they are disbanding soon.
Yes, one of my absolute favorite bands are disbanding. That's no good at all.

There was a few other bands playing, Munimuni was great but I couldn't care less about the other ones.
The live house though, Anti knock in Shinjuku, is one of the worst places I've been to, I think! The stage etc was nice but the sound was just horrible, too rough with no acoustics whatsoever and it actually made my ears hurt.

But just as horrible the live house was, the band was awesome. Kyokuto Girl Friend, my dear readers, is a live act worth watching! They have such presence on stage, and Darinda's characteristic voice is so beautiful, both when singing and screaming. Also, the bassist Sally is the very definition of cool.
Their music is fantastic, and them as a live act is candy for my heart and soul, and they're disbanding in July.
Sure, they've got that alter ego band Far East Kanojo (...mhm.) but I don't know anything about that yet so I can't say anything.
Kyokutou Girl Friend's last live - I will be there or I will be square!



There's this super small place along the way from my home to Nakano station, doesn't look much, but the food looked nice and so I've always been somewhat curious to try it out. Every time me and Jaz walked by, we've said We need to try that out! but then, there was no time, or it was closed, and... one year passed...
But today was the day!
It was nice, and tasty. ...Except that the chicken was a little bit burnt.

Goodbye sleep

Amazon US, you are the slowest. Ever.


Kanji and future

This week we got the Kanji for advanced level (N1), finally a book instead of the damn print compilations, but on the other hand it weighs about three ton. In it, another 1000 kanji's to learn, 8 every day. Eight?! I look back at the happy times at intermediate level where we only had to learn 6 a day... But now eight! All work and no play makes Ylva forget all her kanji.

Speaking of, there's less than half a year left on my 2 year course now.
...and I'm still wondering what the heck I'm gonna do afterwards. I mean, with my life! For so long, I had this dream of moving to Tokyo and live there. And then I fulfilled my dream and lived happily ever after, but in the midst of my happiness I didn't find a new dream.
There's lots of things I'd like to do, millions of educations I want to take and jobs I want to have, but I have yet to find that one thing I feel passionate about and ready to fight for. I know I don't have to decide, I know I have my whole life left, but still, soon I should start making decisions or I'll be sure to find myself in a situation I don't like. Well, even if I do it wouldn't matter at all if I at the same time worked myself to achieve a goal, than if I'd just sit around wishing I did something else.

But still, even if I find something I love and could imagine myself doing, even if not for the rest of my life than at least for a very long time, something to put all my effort (and money...) in, when I think closer and more practical about it I get scared of The Future and doesn't dare to make a definite decision.

So that leaves me just stamping around the same spot, while time slowly passes by...

There. Felt good to write this, because I think (and worry) about this every single day.




Drawing beautiful ladies - my antidrug.



Thanks for the comments about my hair!
It's actually the first time I've got some real extentions, so I'm still kinda in the middle of figuring out how to work it, so to speak. But long hair feels so good, I'm happy I did it.
Here's also a super boring everyday outfit, because my brain doesn't usually work on Monday mornings orz. But I'm pretending my long hair makes it all super interesting!

Today has been an ordinary nice day. Some karaoke after school, and then I leveled up at Jubeat (yey!) at the gamecenter in Big Box. Also, rice-omelette-dunno thing that was delicious at a very cozy place near the station, complete with a Carlsberg. Starting off the week strong!


Suddenly: hair!

I have long hair!
And I love it! I actually planned just to get some to get a bit more volume and not so much length, but Ryuichi advised me to go with long hair, and since I trust that man with not only my hair but my life and soul as well, I did as he suggested and I sure wasn't disappointed!
I like how they had hair in the exact same color as my hair. He also gave me a cut and a hair treatment for free (!), and of course y'all know I'm talking about Radical and that everyone who wants a cut should go there yes.
Different light, same pose


Can I be 20 next year as well?

It's come to the point now where I've forgotten how incredibly uncomfortable it is to wear and just remembers how amazingly beautiful it is. I've seen a lot of people wearing kimono the last week, and it just makes me want to get right back into my furisode! Or at least just have it in my hands and stare at it forever... yes, that could work as well.



Yesterday I said goodbye to my sister at Narita airport, and now I'm alone in my apartment again. But the week she's been here has been so much fun, and we've done a lot of stuff together!
Well, as always, all good things come to an end.
See you next time!


Sensoji and sis

My sister's in town! Yeah!
She's staying for a week, and there will be some touristy stuff going on indeed!

Today we took the Sumida river cruise. The weather is just lovely, and it was very nice to go there again.
The beerglass, golden poo, and sky tree perfectly hidden by some other building.

My sister makes food for us all the time!


And Sensoji temple in Asakusa. As you know, it's Golden week i.e. the one week when the whole Japan has vacation at the same time = PEOPLE. PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. At Sensoji as well, huge tourist spot... Man, so much people just makes me irritated. I managed to snap some pictures that looked somewhat peaceful though!
Well, both me ans sis got tired of the people, so we went back to Nakano and did some karaoke instead!



Don't be messin
with mah duckface
Dear blog.
Yesterday was a day packed with happenings!

I started out by successfully going outside with my hair back. I have some serious issues with my face and ears yes, but I'm teaching myself to don't care and I managed to stay comfortable with the updo almost the whole day!

So it was Valborg (um... Walpurgis Night?) which is a Northern European traditional um... day. When people basically have a bonfire and drink alcohol. Well, I never go out on this day especially, but my friend Jens invited me to Yoyogi kouen where a bunch of people had taken this day as a perfect excuse to hang out in the park and have loads of fun! I love chillaxing in the park, and there we were until it got dark.
Now, suddenly I had a couple of hours by myself to kill, and in my somewhat tipsy condition I thought it'd be a great idea to go to JackRose before they were closing in 10 minutes. Which was an excellent idea! I hadn't been there since we went out, and so I hanged around with them while they closed the store and made the accountings haha. Afterwards, tenchou-san and I went to Starbucks, before he went home and I went to Takadanobaba where me, Malin and Matilda met up at Orenchi koi! My favorite drink koko doko (hehe) was yellow, which made us confused, but other than that it was great as usual.
In the middle of all that, I sent a mail to Ryuichi asking if he wanted to join. Fortunately, he was out drinking as well, at a rock bar he's been talking a lot about that I've been wanting to go to, so me an Matilda jumped on the Yamanote line. Got lost in Shibuya for a while trying to find the place, until he met up with us and we finally got there. It was a nice place with nice staff, but the company was even better!
And then, well you know, it became late early, light outside and time to make our way home, all good things come to an end etc etc.
But this day was so great, definately qualify to the Top 5, and I'll look back on this day and quite possibly become all happy! Yea well maybe except the fact that I leveled down on Jubeat.