Wait, hang on just a second; I was out clubbing, wearing... glasses?
Yes, unfortunately, on friday I fell asleep wearing my contacts so that the next day my left eye was all red, and me (also being all paranoid about going blind) had to go without contacts.
It's just that I hate wearing my glasses.
I cannot feel pretty in them! Doesn't matter what I do, I only become super self aware and feel ugly.
Of course I know why, since I got contacts in junior high I've only worn glasses when I'm at home or feel sick or with no make up and so on, resulting with my brain thinking that glasses = fugly. I don't hate glasses in general, on the contrary I always think other people look really great in glasses, but when it comes to me, it's just a no go. I don't want to think like that, but it's hard to break a habit...
Ugh, come on now left eye, recover soon so I can put in those plastic bits in my eyes again!
Strike that pose to forget about glasses

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lex さんのコメント...

I've been wearing glasses since I became 10 and now I'm 21 x) When wearing lenses I got much braver - to me my contact lenses and make-up are like my shiny armor which protects me from the world :D Everytime I wear my glasses in public I feel like I'm lame... although I don't have this problem with my family and friends :)

Frida さんのコメント...

Du är hot at as fuck i glasögon också! ;)
Älskar turbangrejen för övrigt!

Frida さんのコメント...

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