These shoes I bought in Sweden last summer are the most comfortable ones I've ever put my feet in! I walked them to death (death of the shoes, not me) last year, but now when it's warm I want to use them more more more, so the other day I went to the shoemaker nearby to repair the heels. Turns out that he, 20 or so years ago, lived in Finland for a year and used to go to Sweden a lot!

Today when I came to get my shoes we continued our talk, mostly about classical music and Swedish violinists. Then he gave me a discount on the shoes, and made me promise to let him repair all of my future worn out heels!

And when I made my way home, a man at one of the small local resturants just randomly happily greeted me, and all this on top of earlier karaoke, ice cream and current perfect weather, this afternoon was just made for a Perfect Mood!☆

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Nice shoes :)