I'll pass on the earthquake, thanks...

Today we went with school to the disaster prevention center in Ikebukuro again, it's mandatory once a year. Watched a short disaster movie, and got to practive how to escape a fire, how to handle a fire extinguisher, and how to protect oneself during an earthquake. Although this time, I passed on the earthquake simulation room. I got pretty shaked up last year I did it even though it was a practice, and when I watched the other people dashing under the table, I noticed that the shock from the Great Tohoku Earthquake two months ago is actually still fresh in mind... So, thanks but no thanks.

Speaking of earthquakes, there's not as many larger tremors in Tokyo anymore which is nice, although it still occurs more often than before. But one thing I've noticed after all this, is that I should be very greatful if a M5 or higher doesn't hit in the middle of the night. Whenever a pretty big (M3~4 or so) strikes while I'm asleep, and I wake up because of my whole house and bed shaking, my reaction is pretty much like "Hmmm.... whaa....mmm.... zzzz." and then I fall sound asleep again. So if a big one hits Tokyo when I'm sleeping - I'm as good as dead!

To lighten up the mood, if anyone has ever wondered how to use a Japanese style toilet, have some instructions provided by the Ikebukuro disaster prevention center!
1. <- Front Back ->
2. Stand over the bowel
3. Put your pants down to ankle
4. Squat down over the bowel
5. Do it!
CAUTION!! If you lost balance you gonnna fall down on shit!

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No° 5 is my favourite :D Lol x)