Kyokutou Awesomeness

Went to a live today with my friend Martin! Feels like a long time ago. (Well, it was.)(Wait, when I think about it, it was super duper long ago!) Kyokutou Girl Friend had a live event, since they are disbanding soon.
Yes, one of my absolute favorite bands are disbanding. That's no good at all.

There was a few other bands playing, Munimuni was great but I couldn't care less about the other ones.
The live house though, Anti knock in Shinjuku, is one of the worst places I've been to, I think! The stage etc was nice but the sound was just horrible, too rough with no acoustics whatsoever and it actually made my ears hurt.

But just as horrible the live house was, the band was awesome. Kyokuto Girl Friend, my dear readers, is a live act worth watching! They have such presence on stage, and Darinda's characteristic voice is so beautiful, both when singing and screaming. Also, the bassist Sally is the very definition of cool.
Their music is fantastic, and them as a live act is candy for my heart and soul, and they're disbanding in July.
Sure, they've got that alter ego band Far East Kanojo (...mhm.) but I don't know anything about that yet so I can't say anything.
Kyokutou Girl Friend's last live - I will be there or I will be square!

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