Sensoji and sis

My sister's in town! Yeah!
She's staying for a week, and there will be some touristy stuff going on indeed!

Today we took the Sumida river cruise. The weather is just lovely, and it was very nice to go there again.
The beerglass, golden poo, and sky tree perfectly hidden by some other building.

My sister makes food for us all the time!


And Sensoji temple in Asakusa. As you know, it's Golden week i.e. the one week when the whole Japan has vacation at the same time = PEOPLE. PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. At Sensoji as well, huge tourist spot... Man, so much people just makes me irritated. I managed to snap some pictures that looked somewhat peaceful though!
Well, both me ans sis got tired of the people, so we went back to Nakano and did some karaoke instead!

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