So Jaz is moving in with her boyfriend in Chiba, and Max is moving to a house provided by his job in Koenji, meaning the end of the Thunderdome and that I'm alone in lovely Shin-Nakano again...! That feels pretty sad, they lived just three minutes from my house, so now I can't pop in for some random chatting, gaming and nabe-party anymore. Sad.

In other news, there is no other news really, except my research and thinking about The Future and so on. But I think that I might come a tiny bit closer to something that looks almost like a desicion! So I'm gonna wonder and ponder some more, and see where it all leads me.

Also, Karaoke-kan, sometimes you're so random and gives us the strangest rooms, like a super sophisticated one suited for a party for 10 people or more!

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