Disney Sea picture post

The first thing I did after arriving to Disney Sea was to put my hair in a ponytail - there was some serious wind that day! Someone told me there was a typhoon on the west coast so maybe that had something to do with it. Anyway, I got my share of bitchslaps from the wind!


Tower of Terror was the best ride. Apart from that, the other rides we went to were okay but not superb.



Apu! Was so happy to take our picture wih him! I'd secretly wished to see Jafar, but I guess there's more characters walking around at Disney Land.

Over all, I think I like Disney Sea better than Disney Land. There's no parades at Disney Sea, but I didn't get that strong vibe of plastic and fake I felt so uncomfortable with at Disney Land. But still, I'm still not sure I'd pay money to go back to the Disney resort, haha...

Oh and the sunburn? It was really hot and sunny that day, but thanks to Elizabeth Arden SPF 500000+++++, my face was allright~! ...however my arms and neck were not. Think boiled lobster, and there you have me!



About one year ago I was at Disney land, and I got sunburnt like there was no tomorrow, bright red! (Think bioled lobster) Let's hope that won't be the case tomorrow, as I'm going back again as the annual school trip to the Disney resort. This year, it'll be Disney sea!Speaking of, as the whole country is in saving electricity mode (at least 15% must be cut, or there'll have to be blackouts), you'd think that they'd do something with the Disney resort as it in one day swallows 55'000 homes worth electricity... Take some days off? Skip/cut down on the light parade? But maybe that's just my opinion. Let's see tomorrow if they're thinking about any of that.



Today I did a lot of voice recording at work, so whoever wants to learn swedish from that company will have to listen to my sweet voice.(^_-)〜☆ Hehe.

I also recieved super oshare tabi socks today! I may be wearing yukata later, but Im not showing my bare feet, no way, nope.



Bad thing: My computer is dying. Again.

Good thing it happened on a sunday evening so I at least dont have to be bored. Gaki no tsukai is the highlight of the weekend!♪


Gaki no tsukai

This is me when I watch the batsu games. Doesn't matter how many times I do, I burst out every time! I wonder if I'm a trouble to my neighbours...
But anyway, I will surely get some nice abs out of this!


Budget shopping and free candy

I almost cannot believe that now that I've done some eagerly awaited shopping, I went to... Shimamura! What has happened to me, being the brand whore that I am?
But, the times are changing, and sometimes your budget's gotta change with it. I'm trying my best to save for The Future, so I have to think twice of what I buy nowadays, instead of just getting whatever I like eheh.

But Shimamura does have some pretty nice stuff! Some of their brands are really cool, they have a lot of 2-piece sets for low prices and the quality is decent too, I'd go as far as to say it'd be the same if you went to 109.
Today, the result of my little shopping spree was a dress set, a shirt set, pants, underpants, headband, my regular lashes, and a yukata set (yukata + obi + geta). That is a total of 11 (eleven!) items! For the price of... well, the same amount of money I use to buy one (1!) shirt or something for. Not bad!
The yukata set looks really nice, can't wait to try it out! (cuz summer = hanabi yay)
Today I also opened an account at a Japanese bank, since my new job requires it. My name was too long to fit in... but I got free candy!


I'd like to make a reservation.

Today was the first day at my new part time job as a translator. Five hours of translating simple expressions and phrases - no problem! I guess some good ol' office work suits me better than stressing around in a restaurant. (Also the pay is much better!)

And yesterday I went to another open college!
I think I'm surely, but very very slowly, starting to figure out what I want to to with my life. Well, at least for a another couple of years, and that's good enough for me.
I've been in a pretty gloomy state lately, but all that makes me feel kinda happy again! All day! And that... results in me getting some insomnia again. Mrgh.


Small update

Last Monday was Sweden's national day! And last sunday, me and some friends went to the Swedish embassy, for celebration. Well, for swedish food to be more precise. It was pretty nice, and a lot of swedish people were gathered.

Also, I've got a new job! I now work as a translator (swedish - english)! I do think that office work will suit me better than being hall staff... Not so much stressing about.

And the humidity is killing me as usual, but other than that... well I have been drawing a lot, so if you haven't checked my new tumblr yet, go ahead and do that~!


Tequila house

Hanged around Koenji today, and stumbled upon a place called Tequila House. As the name suggests, they specialize in tequila and had so many different brands, even very refined ones that apparently cannot be found very easy. Of course we had to go, even though there was no tequila for me I had a choco banana milk shake drink (....don't judge me.) and the most delicous chicken taco rice! That was some real bad ass guacamole, I tell ya!
Also sitting outside because summer yay!

Koenji is second hand/vintage heaven in Tokyo, and in one shop I found a whole collection of gakuran uniforms! Ah! I was in heaven!! I seriously could've bought every single one of them! But I put a strain on myself. How would that look, a silly foreigner buying about 15 gakuran jackets?
Didn't think so.

......but one day...



 I've created a tumblr!
I need to practice drawing, a lot, so that's why I made it.
I plan to post a lot over there, so please have a little look!




Kinda sorta study

About last entry, I almost feel silly writing such things when my wise readers come and say so sensible things. In particular my reader Hanna, who, not only this time but also last time I went on about it, tells me things that makes me think how I ever thought in another way. Guess it just proves that it's no good sitting alone with your depressing thoughts, but to share it with someone to get some new light over the situation!

Today me and Emelie and Malin went to Jonathan's in Takadanobaba for studies! I've reached the conclusion that it's nearly impossible for me to get shiet done alone (as in regular studying, not cramming stuff in for tests and such) and it's also nice to just hang out. Family resturants are awesome places to hang out.
We sat there for a good 3,5 hours or something, but it kinda didn't feel like I couldn't accomplish as much as I wanted... silly kanij's, they just pass right through my brain. Best way for me to learn kanji is to repeat repeat repeat, which is also what I'm not so good at forcing myself to do. Haha.... wow. Silly little brain, would you just remember them already! I guess the limit was at around ~1000, and now my brain's memory card is all filled up... no good. Where can I get a bigger card?

As of that, let's finish this silly little unimportant entry with an outfit pic taken by Emelie! In the dark outside Family Mart = blurry, but never mind that! I felt like summer; skirts and headbands and oversize shirt and sandalettes and all that.
Now if the humidity would just back off please and thank you!


Down down down

This week has been a downwards spiral for me.
I'm thinking a lot (too much?) about The Future, and when I think a lot about it I always start to feel frustrated, and this time I started to think that; some things are so messed up in this country, but on the other hand things are messed up back home as well, and when I think about it, it's just messed up everywhere = wherever I decide to go, things will always be messed up resulting in me being unhappy.

HAH this sounds so silly when I read it like this, but this is seriously what has been going around in my head lately. And I felt like writing that down so that maybe some other thoughts will take its place, because this is no good way of thinking! The only thing it does is it's making me feel down and I lose my spirit. Also my lower back is hurting and that isn't helping either.

I'm going to a few more open colleges at two schools I'm interested in the following weeks, we'll see if it leads to something. I actually attended one at Waseda university yesterday (well not open college, but a 説明会 and I'm not sure how to translate that orz) and I could conclude that although the thought of going to one of the most famous universities in Tokyo feels kinda nice, I didn't feel the slightest interested at all of any of the courses haha. Maybe I'm not cut out for academic studies. ...or maybe I'm just lazy. orz

So there's why I've been silent lately, I really hate falling into thoughts like these, but sometimes I just can't help myself... Woe me, etc. It's to the point where I find myself thinking "Oh I wish something nice would happen for a change!" when in reality, small nice happening does occur around me all the time, and I'm just too silly to see that.
Oh but that back problem is not one of 'em.

/Personal rant