Disney Sea picture post

The first thing I did after arriving to Disney Sea was to put my hair in a ponytail - there was some serious wind that day! Someone told me there was a typhoon on the west coast so maybe that had something to do with it. Anyway, I got my share of bitchslaps from the wind!


Tower of Terror was the best ride. Apart from that, the other rides we went to were okay but not superb.



Apu! Was so happy to take our picture wih him! I'd secretly wished to see Jafar, but I guess there's more characters walking around at Disney Land.

Over all, I think I like Disney Sea better than Disney Land. There's no parades at Disney Sea, but I didn't get that strong vibe of plastic and fake I felt so uncomfortable with at Disney Land. But still, I'm still not sure I'd pay money to go back to the Disney resort, haha...

Oh and the sunburn? It was really hot and sunny that day, but thanks to Elizabeth Arden SPF 500000+++++, my face was allright~! ...however my arms and neck were not. Think boiled lobster, and there you have me!

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SARA MARI さんのコメント...

I love the photos! I was there on Thursday haha, but I didn't have to queue for anything luckily. However Journey to the Center of the Earth ride was down and that's my favorite TT

I saw Jafar! It was so funny because he was chasing the small kids XD

Ri さんのコメント...

Wahh, not made it over there yet! One day... one day! And I'll remember to bring a hairband, just in case the typhoon had nothing to do with it. ;)

Glad midsommar förresten!! ^^)/

IamNOTprogram さんのコメント...

förutom.... att det visst finns parader på disney sea. :P bara det att de är på vattnet. :P ofta ni missade alla?

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

sara mari: we only had to queue like 40min or so to tower of terror and that indiana jones thingy, for the other rides we took fast passes :)

ri: sounds legit haha!

malin: va jaha! vi drog typ vid 17, så vi missade väl allt sånt. sämst haha