About one year ago I was at Disney land, and I got sunburnt like there was no tomorrow, bright red! (Think bioled lobster) Let's hope that won't be the case tomorrow, as I'm going back again as the annual school trip to the Disney resort. This year, it'll be Disney sea!Speaking of, as the whole country is in saving electricity mode (at least 15% must be cut, or there'll have to be blackouts), you'd think that they'd do something with the Disney resort as it in one day swallows 55'000 homes worth electricity... Take some days off? Skip/cut down on the light parade? But maybe that's just my opinion. Let's see tomorrow if they're thinking about any of that.

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Camilla さんのコメント...

I heard they bought a "machine" to produce their own electricity... =)

SARA MARI さんのコメント...

Well in America, the Disney parks produce a lot of their own energy, but I don't think its so here.

As you may notice they have turned off the hand driers here in Tokyo Disney, that must save a lot of energy.... ><