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About last entry, I almost feel silly writing such things when my wise readers come and say so sensible things. In particular my reader Hanna, who, not only this time but also last time I went on about it, tells me things that makes me think how I ever thought in another way. Guess it just proves that it's no good sitting alone with your depressing thoughts, but to share it with someone to get some new light over the situation!

Today me and Emelie and Malin went to Jonathan's in Takadanobaba for studies! I've reached the conclusion that it's nearly impossible for me to get shiet done alone (as in regular studying, not cramming stuff in for tests and such) and it's also nice to just hang out. Family resturants are awesome places to hang out.
We sat there for a good 3,5 hours or something, but it kinda didn't feel like I couldn't accomplish as much as I wanted... silly kanij's, they just pass right through my brain. Best way for me to learn kanji is to repeat repeat repeat, which is also what I'm not so good at forcing myself to do. Haha.... wow. Silly little brain, would you just remember them already! I guess the limit was at around ~1000, and now my brain's memory card is all filled up... no good. Where can I get a bigger card?

As of that, let's finish this silly little unimportant entry with an outfit pic taken by Emelie! In the dark outside Family Mart = blurry, but never mind that! I felt like summer; skirts and headbands and oversize shirt and sandalettes and all that.
Now if the humidity would just back off please and thank you!

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I have a friend whose major is Japanese language and she was in trouble with learning kanjis but she has found a program, it's called "Mnemosyne" and now she is fond of it. I don't know this program personally but it helps you learning kanjis by asking it from you repeatedly. If you know it, you can pass through, but if you have problem with some the program won't let it slide. Sounds like a good system to me, my friend has praised it a lot. Maybe you should give it a try :)