Tequila house

Hanged around Koenji today, and stumbled upon a place called Tequila House. As the name suggests, they specialize in tequila and had so many different brands, even very refined ones that apparently cannot be found very easy. Of course we had to go, even though there was no tequila for me I had a choco banana milk shake drink (....don't judge me.) and the most delicous chicken taco rice! That was some real bad ass guacamole, I tell ya!
Also sitting outside because summer yay!

Koenji is second hand/vintage heaven in Tokyo, and in one shop I found a whole collection of gakuran uniforms! Ah! I was in heaven!! I seriously could've bought every single one of them! But I put a strain on myself. How would that look, a silly foreigner buying about 15 gakuran jackets?
Didn't think so.

......but one day...

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