I sometimes wear skirts

I remember a time when people used to think I was a guy, but that never happens anymore.


Far east lullaby

Went to KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND's last live at Shinjuku Loft yeterday.
Last live.
They're disbanding, meaning there will be no more concerts and no more music releases from one of the best bands there is. They're all I want in a band! I don't even think there's a single tune with them that I don't like. Their disbandment is just so not cool.
Their concert however, was! I'm always mesmerized when they're on stage in front of me. Rinda's voice is amazing! Loft is a great live space too, and I'm always happy to see a very mixed audience. Aaah I can't believe I'll never see them live again, it's just too sad....

Afterwards me and some friends went to Orenchi koi, then Ryuichi called me and we went to that rock bar in Shibuya. And today, just now, I took out my extensions.
Over and out.


Happy birthday to me!

Well! As said, I've been occupying myself with some stuff lately, but I've also had time to have a birthday! Yesterday on the 26th, I turned 21☆
I started out by eating cake for breakfast (hah!!) and then in school my most strict teacher, Kubo-sensei, sang for me! It was great. After school me and Jas had some purikura, and then Jubeat was played.
 A lot! There are days that's not ment for Jubeat-ing, but generally I just love this game and can't get enough playing it!

Then we headed to Nakano for food and drinks.
Huge glass Nihon-shu for a mere 200 yen
Later on we headed back to Takadanobaba, met the others and went to Orenchi kuru? that's a sister izakaya to my favorite Orenchi koi, that's located just nearby!

My birthday cake! We had the birthday special, meaning that at one point they turn off the lights in the whole place, drags the birthday person to the center of attention, turn on the birthday song and then everyone (including all the other customers present) sing together! It's awesome. And embarrassing, but mostly awesome!
I also got a bottle of champange, with a picture of us all on it! That was a really nice surprise! But unfortunately I forgot to bring it home with me... And they didn't have it when I came back today (to get my camera that I also forgot, ehe.), but at least I have a picture of it, haha.

Yes. I'm now 21 years old, and it feels a bit weird! When I moved to Tokyo I was just 19... and soon, two years have passed! It feels like the blink of an eye, but at the same time like I've always been here.
I hadn't planned on doing some big thing about my birthday this year, but in the end it turned out to be a real birthday bananza! Well, you only turn 21 once in your life!
Blurry, but I just love Kevin's face in this picture!


JackRose Friday

My new darling from JackRose! A bag that's pretending it's a riders jacket! I find it awesome. I've also been eyeing it ever since it came out some months ago, so now I finally bought it and kinda messed up this months budget yey. (I'm currently in saving mode, trying to do my best.) But I really needed a new bag this summer so it's okay.
I met my french friend Kevin after school in Harajuku! He and I have one very big thing in common: the love for JackRose! So we went there together and hanged around, made some serious shopping, talked about the clothings, talked with all the JackRose guys... it was AWESOME. I believe it's the first time I've met someone with the same kind of feelings as me and it felt great haha!
Tenchou-san was also there of course, and he said he'd wondering where I'd been all this time. Now that I think about it, twas the first time I went there in ages! But in the time I haven't been very active on the blog, I've been pretty occupied with other business...

Here's from Omotesando Hills! We sat around in there (because aircon) a while, but it sure is a really cool designed building.


Kishidan x Plastic Tree @ Shibuya O-EAST

Oh my, people.

So this Wednesday I went to Shibuya O-EAST to se Kishidan, oh yes, Kishidan live!Or to be more precise, Kishidan vs PlasticTree!
It started with Kishidan's dancers (with Hoshikuzu in a gothic lolita outfit hah) doing a sketch about fighting over which band is the best, it was pretty funny. Then, Plastic Tree came on stage and made a real good performance. Yes, I love PT and all but I've seen them live twice before and this time I didn't came for their sake so I'm not gonna talk so much about them now. They played Ghost though which made me happy!

After PT there was another little sketch, and then...

Oh my heart when Show and Hikaru went on stage OH.
I don't even remember what song they played first, I only remember how they started dancing, and Tommy is so darn tall and Ranma's hair is fabulous. But I remember that the second song was Kisarazu Sally!
Show has an amazing precense on stage and his and Hikaru's dancing is just, that's just, that's just perfect. Later on, the three dancers (having changed into their gakuran uniforms of course) went on stage, Show said it's "dancing time!" and they played Koibito, YES! Finally got to hear it live! Followed by Aishite naito, hnnnggg that was quite possibly the best performance I've ever seen all categories. Holy crap I love that song.
Ranma also sang one song! (Don't remember what though, bah) And after that, they played Bousou yotarou kumikyoku~Quarrel Bomber~ (ugh long title) Show and Hikaru went on stage twice as tall (sitting on the shoulders on two people, wearing extra long jackets) and it was hilarious when they started shouting and dancing, I still laugh when I think about it hihi!

And lastly, of course, they played One Night Carnival! And it was so great seeing it live! In the last parts, they went silent and listened to the audience sing the chorus in unison, which was actually pretty impressive. Then, Show held an long MC that was actually pretty heart moving, thanking everyone from the bottom of his heart. He held a lot of MC's that was hilarious, I can't recite them all but he said tons funny stuff, but this last one seemed pretty earnest.

Aaaand lastly, at the encore, they called Plastic Tree back on stage, and everyone played Baka ni natta no ni together! (Although they'd changed the lyrics to 中学まではまともだったのに hihi) I always love it when bands play together, and this was no exception~! Afterwards, when thanking the audience and each other and so on, Kishidan members seemed a bit shy and was going to shake hands, since PT are their seniors, but Ryuutarou just ran around hugging everyone instead, haha!

And then they all left the stage and it all ended and the world seemed a little bit brighter.
I'm not kidding about that, I've been having this cuddly feeling inside ever since, Kishidan live is a whole other business and damn, they have the power to make one happy OH AND DID I MENTION SHOW'S SMILE
I said to myself before the concert: no merch!
Hah, who was I trying to fool. T-shirt for me!



I'm having trouble deciding what course I should study if/when I start college... The options are either to choose one that I think seem most interesting and what I'd probably like the most, or to choose one that is the easiest to get a job! I mean, the second option also seems like fun and something I could consider doing, and the first one is a bit more uncertain carrier-wise. But the first one seems more fun... damnit, I really can't decide! And I'm so caught up in visiting schools and doing research on my own and worrying about money and start preparing for paperwork, it feels like I need a rest from my brain although I kinda should make a decision soon. Ugh.

Today I tried on my yukata. I wanna go to hanabi.



I'm gonna see Kishidan.
I'm gonna see KISHIDAN LIVE!

When I got home I had to actually jump around for a bit. This is it, folks!!
They're celebrating 10 year anniversary this year, and so they're doing a tour with 2-man lives with a lot (a LOT) of famous bands. I entered a few pre-booking lotteries, but didn't get any of them, and so today at 10:00 sharp I sat at the computer ready to order but then e+ and ticket pia were overloaded with traffic! That was some pretty frustrating 20 minutes of refreshing pages.
I successfully managed to book a ticket!
And I ran down to Family Mart and paid and now I have it in my hand!

Kishidan vs Plastic Tree!
I'm reeeeaaaally excited to see how that will turn out~! And the theme is 「中学まではまともだったのに。」 aaaah can't handle--
(Also because did I mention KISHIDAN!)

And they're playing at freakin Shibuya O-EAST which is awesome because that place is not that big! Oh my oh my I'm gonna see Kishidan liveee!

... and I think I'll look at this entry later and shake my head, but this needed to be ranted about because I'm gonna se Kishidan live hnnggg.



There's a lot of space in between my blog entries lately! I have a lot to think about nowadays, as The Future is slowly starting to become somewhat clear to me. And, as always, when I've got some new plans or decided on something, I get excited and nervous and thus lose ability to sleep, so I'm pretty sleep deprived these days too, haha.

Yesterday was the last day of the term too (lots and lots of tests), so now I've only got the last 3-month term left on my Japanese language school! Can't believe how fast it went, but at the same time how much I was able to develop and understand new things about myself during this time. (Looks like something I can write a bit entry about haha!)

The picture is from yesterday when me and Jas went out in Takadanobaba! Awesome izakaya (from the same company as my all time favorite Orenchi koi) and we bought tickets for a special anniversary event there in a couple of weeks. Really looking forward to that!

In other news I'm taking the JLPT on Sunday, wish me luck!