Far east lullaby

Went to KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND's last live at Shinjuku Loft yeterday.
Last live.
They're disbanding, meaning there will be no more concerts and no more music releases from one of the best bands there is. They're all I want in a band! I don't even think there's a single tune with them that I don't like. Their disbandment is just so not cool.
Their concert however, was! I'm always mesmerized when they're on stage in front of me. Rinda's voice is amazing! Loft is a great live space too, and I'm always happy to see a very mixed audience. Aaah I can't believe I'll never see them live again, it's just too sad....

Afterwards me and some friends went to Orenchi koi, then Ryuichi called me and we went to that rock bar in Shibuya. And today, just now, I took out my extensions.
Over and out.

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