There's a lot of space in between my blog entries lately! I have a lot to think about nowadays, as The Future is slowly starting to become somewhat clear to me. And, as always, when I've got some new plans or decided on something, I get excited and nervous and thus lose ability to sleep, so I'm pretty sleep deprived these days too, haha.

Yesterday was the last day of the term too (lots and lots of tests), so now I've only got the last 3-month term left on my Japanese language school! Can't believe how fast it went, but at the same time how much I was able to develop and understand new things about myself during this time. (Looks like something I can write a bit entry about haha!)

The picture is from yesterday when me and Jas went out in Takadanobaba! Awesome izakaya (from the same company as my all time favorite Orenchi koi) and we bought tickets for a special anniversary event there in a couple of weeks. Really looking forward to that!

In other news I'm taking the JLPT on Sunday, wish me luck!

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