JackRose Friday

My new darling from JackRose! A bag that's pretending it's a riders jacket! I find it awesome. I've also been eyeing it ever since it came out some months ago, so now I finally bought it and kinda messed up this months budget yey. (I'm currently in saving mode, trying to do my best.) But I really needed a new bag this summer so it's okay.
I met my french friend Kevin after school in Harajuku! He and I have one very big thing in common: the love for JackRose! So we went there together and hanged around, made some serious shopping, talked about the clothings, talked with all the JackRose guys... it was AWESOME. I believe it's the first time I've met someone with the same kind of feelings as me and it felt great haha!
Tenchou-san was also there of course, and he said he'd wondering where I'd been all this time. Now that I think about it, twas the first time I went there in ages! But in the time I haven't been very active on the blog, I've been pretty occupied with other business...

Here's from Omotesando Hills! We sat around in there (because aircon) a while, but it sure is a really cool designed building.

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