Akigawa river bonkura BBQ

Sunday was the barbeque at Akigawa river! All the way off to Musashi-Itsukaichi, kindof countryside with beautiful mountains and lots of delinquents loitering around in the middle of the nights. I actually went there the night before to meet up with some friends and spend the night. When I think about it now, I have no idea why I did that, but I guess you have to sleep by the riverside at some point in your life... or something. And the dawn was just stunningly beautiful.

Sunday morning all the other people arrived, and there was some serious bbq time!
Oh man just look at those shining white legs, blinding everyone in sight.. no wonder I got burned so bad.

Sitting in the river was so nice and cool in the heat.
Group shot!
It was tons of fun but oh did I have to pay for it with this super nasty burn...
Actually at the subway on my way home this random (Japanese) woman came up to me and started saying "Oh dear you seem to have burned yourself very bad, you must quickly go home and put ice on it..!!" and then she interrupted herself with "Oh but maybe, yes... I think it's already too late..."
Well she was right, today is day two and my feet are still red and super swollen, I can't even stand up let alone walk around without intense pain, oh dear where is this gonna end...

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