Hana no mai

The other day I met with my friend Sakura! After some karaoke we went to Hana no mai in Kabukichou. Really nice place, great recommendation if anyone's interested. Nice interiour, friendly staff, tasty food, not that cheap but still reasonable prices.
And a great view of west Shinjuku! (17th floor)

Actually the whole reason we picked that izakaya was that they currently have a collaboration with  Hakuouki, that Sakura absolutely loves. So there was some serious moe going on there, i tell ya...!
The drinks were tasty but too weak, haha.
Their salmon sashimi was the best I've ever tasted. I'm not even kidding.
I always order salmon sashimi at izakayas, it's one of my absolute favorite dishes, but this just took the price! I could eat this for the rest of my life...
Also this sausage in melted cheese with bread thing, deeeelish!

Nighttime over Shinjuku...
Yea that's me in the window.

I can't believe I just made a whole picture entry about one visit to an izakaya, haha.
But it feels like this day was kinda important in a way... It's when I realized that the path I'm about to choose is very difficult and will certainly not be easy in any way whatsoever. BUT.
That I want to do it anyway.

Will make an entry about that later
Peace out ☆

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Suteisi ♥ さんのコメント...

That restaurant looks great! I love seeing pictures and reviews of different restaurants in Japan n____n It makes me anxious to go back!

lex さんのコメント...

I like your post, food looks delicious ^^

匿名 さんのコメント...

What does a kimono and yukata cost approximately? :-)

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Well it all depends completely of what kind it is. I bought a cheap yukata set for just 3000 yen, but for a better one I guess 10'000-20'000 or something. As for kimono, furisode, etc, although you can find some for 30'000-40'000yen there's really no roof of how expensive it can get, hundreds of thousands or even over a million yen... It all depends on the type and quality.