Kishidan vs Nightmare @ Shibuya-AX

 That is right folks, I went to another Kishidan live! This time, an event with Nightmare!
I was pretty excited since I hadn't seen Nightmare before. I arrived to the venue 18:50 because waiting is tiresome and I always stand in the back anyway, and I got a relly nice place in the sold out Shibuya-AX (that takes 1'500 people), where I could see the whole stage and everything very clear!

So, there was the same opening act as the last time, and then Nightmare came on stage. They were wearing white gakuran uniforms! Awesome. They didn't play so many old songs which was a bit disappointing for me, but they were a nice live act and Yomi's voice is of course something special. But I don't know, they didn't quite do it for me. Probably  because I'm not as into major VK bands as I was some years ago..

And after Nightmare finished, Kishidan came on stage and everything became at least 20% cooler, oh my godness, be still my beating heart!!
No really. I got just as bewildered as the last time, if not more! Like last time, Bousou Skyline Phantom was the first song and I'm very serious when I say my heart wasn't calm for one second.
They'd changed a couple of songs from the setlist, and they had different uniforms after the break, otherwhise the show (hehe pun) was the same as last time.
I can watch them for ever and ever and EVER. ♥

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maddy_madness さんのコメント...

!!! It's really great you got to see them again *^_^* And i'm also glad you're writing about it here so I can be envious xDD

next year I hope I can go to any Kishidan live too!!