Koenji awa odori

This Saturday me and some friends went to the awa odori in Koenji! It's one of Tokyo's biggest matsuri, so there was loads of people. Of corse, dressed up for the occasion!
Rebelling at the "Keep out" sign
Yukata is so nice to wear, it's easy to put on and while it was still nice to take off, it's not at all uncomfortable to wear.
Sooo many people! Had a bit of a hard time seeing the all the dancers. There's so many different dances and dancers, it went on for three hours but we didn't watch it all.
Drinking at a local jub! I love Koenji, the atmosphere is just so wonderful. If I didn't like Nakano this much, I'd want to live in Koenji! (But they're right next to each other so it's okay anyway.)
Later we went to a darts bar, and then I made my way home while the others went to para para.
I get so happy every time I see people in yukata or jinbei! And at matsuri, there's a lot of men wearing it too! A young couple in yukata is just so cute, don't you think?
(....I'm not talking about me and Jaz here.)

Yesterday I went to a friend's friend's live event in Shimokitazawa, but stupid as I am I didn't take pictures, not even of the afterparty... I might get some from another friend, so I can write about that more later.
See ya!

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