Quarter Void report: nothing new.

The products that might have helped prevent my limbs from rot and fall off all together!

No but really, has this week been painful or what... and it's not even healed yet! My feet and the lower back of my calves looks like a warzone, something noone would go near. But the rest of the burned parts are fine now, I've shed skin on my nose two times already and my hands and arms has got a super tan, compared to my other white milk white skin, haha.
I probably should've seen a doctor, but a few days ago I couldn't even stand up for a few seconds, and now there's no real point anyway, I think.
Due to my extreme inactivity, I've gotten insomnia deluxe as well so now I'm sleep deprived too!
Yea this is kindof a depressing entry, but I just want people to know of my SUFFERING.
Also I've been all alone the whole time. Boo.
What a waste of my summer holiday...

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