Shopping spree

That is right folks, I allowed myself some shopping!
Guess where?
...the 300 yen store.
Hardcore stuff.
A room spray (or what's it called) that says Citrus but smells like candy. Now my apartment smells like candy. Yummeh.
And a cute case for my hanko!
Yes! I'd completely forgotten all about it, but I found it lying around yesterday. I think I bought it just after I came to Japan two years ago... and then I forgot it, it's never been used.
Hanko is a stamp with your name on it, and Japanese people use this instead of writing signatures. There's special stores for them, or you can find cheap ones with the most common names here and there. I went to a special store since I had to special order one with my name.
The little case I bought today has ink too, so it's ready to use at any time!
And there we have it!
I'm not sure why I bought it, I have no use for it since foreigners never need hanko and can just squish a little signature instead on all kinds official papers. I'm also not sure why I ordered my given name instead of my family name... but I guess it was because my family name is quite long.
Oh well. Fun thing to have!

I also popped into Donki and bought a tracksuit for a mere 2000 yen.
Oh no, don't worry, I'm not gonna use this for exercising! Haha, really now... But it'll be nice to wear at home, or if you suddenly need to go to the konbini at 2 in the morning. So if you see a suspicious person in the middle of the night wearing a shiny black track suit with even more shiny gold details, yea that's probably me.

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★Emelie★ さんのコメント...

Good thing to buy the tracksuit! Gotta look decent for the konbini staff, in case you happen upon them outside the store!

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Haha indeed. As proven, Tokyo might be the smallest place on earth..!