Yesterday was a sports day with the school, nothing that deserves an entry of its own. I don't get why they persist in having those sports days, it's so boring. Even if you happen to like volleyball (yes, volleyball.) you still gotta stand around for ages waiting for your class' turn to have a match.

Here's what I did today - my part time work as a tranlsator. I do voice recordings a couple of hours each time. I could also take a picture of the office and my other workspace but I guess everyone already knows what a computer looks like.

I just spoke to my friend on the phone who just came back from a trip to her hometown Sendai, where she picked up her old kimono and obi she wore two times when she was 20 years old. She's 65 now and doesn't have any daughters so she's giving them to me! As in a real silk kimono with matching obi that I gave up the thought of owning because they're so ridiculously expensive!
AH so grateful and surprised and excited and I haven 't even seen it yet but hnnnnggg!!

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Take pictures when you have it :)