Sometimes it happens that you've just been so busy you've barely have time to sit down, and that's been my past week. At least it feels like it, and when I did have time to sit down I've been to tired to blog. Also I've got a nasty case of tonsillitis, so it feels a bit crap right now.

But last week I got the result for the Japanese Language Profiency Test (JLPT) and I cleared it! I just took N2, but I had a pretty big marginal so it feels good.

Last week a friend of mine who's been living in Korea for the past 6 months stayed at my place, and we've been all over the town! Finally checked out some of the bars that's around my school; why haven't I done that earlier? A couple of them were awesome.

A picture of Yoyogi kouen at night from a party this weekend, full moon complete with loads of bats flying around.

Today we went to do X-ray with school, to check for tuberculosis. It's mandatory in Japan, although I think I'm already vaccinated?
Anyway, it all ended within an hour which was good, now I'm at home with my tonsils aching like there's no tomorrow.

And other than that, still busy with preparations for college.... So. Much. Paperwork. Certificates and papers that need to be sent here and there and everywhere... Agh.

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I hope you'll get well soon!