So long, see you soon

This weekend has been so much fun! Saturday, I was invited to a nomikai in Shinjuku from a friend and met lots of new fun people! After that me and my friend went to Current where suddenly a jazz band walked in and held a surprise mini live. And after that I went clubbing in Shibuya for a couple of hours before taking the morning train home. And Sunday, I went for yakiniku and lots of drinks in Koiwa! Today, Monday, is a national holiday so I've been resting up watching True Blood all day.
It's been tons of fun, I really want to enjoy myself the last time...

Yes, I've really somehow been reluctant writing about this, and also since probably the rest of the world already know... After graduating next week I'll have a couple of weeks free time, and then I'm going back to Sweden. I cancelled my apartment last week and soon I'll have to start sorting out what to pack or send home.
The plan is to get a job and work my ass off that those 5-6 months, before I come back for college. Because if I just get student allowance from CSN, I'm really going. I've finally found something I want to do with my life, and it feels great!

It doesn't feel as great leaving the country though... I'm very sad about it and I guess that's why I haven't really allowed myself to think about it. But even if I don't, in just three weeks I'm boarding a plane to Sweden!
Of course I can't wait to meet my family and friends back home, but at the same time I'm basically leaving my life that I'm so happy with behind... or something. I don't know, as you would understand it's very mixed feelings about this.
But I'm coming back soon so I'm must stay positive!

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