The end?

Wow, it's been almost half a year since I made my last post, and at that time I was still in Japan!
Things have changed now, although I haven't written all about it, and probably won't either. You see, I no longer have any interest in telling the whole internet about my every action, and that interest actually started to fade around the beginning of last summer.

I'm back in Sweden now, and I have plans to stay for a long time entering university here - I've said no to my place at the college in Tokyo. Which I now feel was a good decision I don't regret; I've finally found what I want  to do in life and how to achieve it, and that is not in Japan.

This also means even less point in maintaining this blog, since it's been all about my 2 years in Tokyo, and which I suspect most of you readers have been wanting to read about. I'm quite surprised that so many of you still check in here! These 2 years has been such an incredible time, and I still consider moving to Tokyo to be the best thing I've ever done. So I'll keep this blog here and I won't delete it, it can also serve as an old embarrassing diary to myself. And who knows, maybe I'll want to write in it in the future too.

I haven't disappeared completely though, you can still find me on my tumblr on which I'm highly active! I use it as my art blog though, so you'll mostly find my drawings and sketches there. Click here, or in the column to the right!

And... I guess that's pretty much it!
Thank you all!
Peace out☆